how to create ubuntu 18.04 lts bootable usb/pendrive 100% correct method.

How to create ubuntu 18.04 lts bootable USB/pen-drive 100% correct method in windows 10.

Firs you needs to download third-party software called Rufus to get this software go to Rufus 
Official website and download after download you follow these steps to done this task.
To create linux bootable usb Please Follow these steps.

1#.Connect USB to your PC/laptop.

Make sure your USB drive is connected to PC/laptop and then open Rufus software run as administrator. Right click on Rufus.exe and click on run as administrator. Rufus is very good Linux USB creator software.

2#. Check Usb stick is properly connected.

After you checked your USB /pen drive is connected so next you select USB drive in first tab of Rufus.

Then go to next tab called (Partition scheme and Target system type)
Click to select (GPT Partition scheme for UEFI) and leave (MBR Partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI).
Make sure performing these steps carefully.

3#. File system

Next go to File system tab and click to open .when tab is opened .Please choose NTFS file system if NTFS
File system is already selected then leave this task and go to the next task.

Leave any other tabs and options in next of file system tab .Leave settings are defaults (Cluster Size) &
(New volume label).This is not done at all Please go more setting.

4#.Brows Ubuntu ISO file.

 Next you go to click on cd/dvd drive icon and brows any Ubuntu ISO file. In this tutorial I am using Ubuntu 18.04 downloaded from Ubuntu official website. Ubuntu 18.04 Download link is here…..

After click this icon select your Downloaded Ubuntu ISO file.


5#.Select correct image

Next step is very important many tutorials on internet create usb with selecting iso image but it is not a good way to make successful Linux bootable usb. To create a correct bootable pendrive of Linux and also Linux all flavors like Ubuntu, mint, kali, studio and etc.
When you select ISO image file from your system the volume label tab is automatically selected as ISO file name .like this image.

The volume label is automatically adjusted.
After these all operations are successfully completed then go to ISO image tab and select DD Image.
DD Image is supported to boot Linux operating system through UEFI mode easily and fast.
But ISO Image is shows UEFI blank. So must be select DD Image. This method makes write iso to usb and finally make iso to usb bootable. 

When all option done go to click on start. After click start Its take time in minutes 25 to 40 depend on your PC/system speed. So sit back and wait for successfully completed this task.

Note: During this process try not start and ask any other operation to computer. Please be patience and Wait this operation completed successfully. Otherwise your usb stick or pendrive may be damage or broken.

 Now all done Please Click on start button to continue next process.

When you clicked the warning popup shows all data on device will be destroyed.
Don’t scare please select ok to continue.

When you clicked OK. Process will starts and May it takes several minutes so please wait until process is done. Thanks.

After some time process completed. Now your device is ready to start for boot and install Ubuntu or Linux.


Your bootable flash drive is ready...
Now close this software and enjoy Linux live usb. Thanks
For more please watch my YouTube channel.

YouTube channel name is.

Best Regards : Adnan Siddiqui 


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